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Messenger Platform is designed for the way you do business

Choose one bot style or combine them-everything on Messenger works together.


Talk to people directly, automate your interactions or both.


Show instead of tell and express yourself using more than words.


Create new connections by giving people the ability to share your bot.

Building Blocks for Your Bot

Messenger offers many capabilities to give you even more possibilities.


Personalize what you communicate with flexible message types and templates.


Send a message that only utilizes plain text.

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Rich Media

Add audio, images or video to your messages.

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Create messages with a structured hierarchy.

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Implement tools that make sure you and your audience understand each other. Bot Engine

Use artificial intelligence to identify what people are saying.

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Button Types

Point people to the actions and tasks you want them to complete.

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Quick Replies

Give people a defined set of responses they can send to your bot.

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Create an entire sales and checkout flow, all within a single conversation.


Expand your functionality by adding visual components to your bot.

Persistent Menu

Give people a single place to find all of your bot's features.

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Create an interactive experience inside an existing conversation.

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Customize the messages and links that get sent when your bot is shared to better track how you acquire customers.

Chat Extensions

Create a version of your bot that someone can use in their conversations with other people.

Ready to get started?

Developer Guides

Get design and language best practices, sample code for common use cases, and more.

Link to Existing Accounts

Help people sync their info and create a seamless experience across your range of products.

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Create GUI With Webviews

Build rich, visual interactions for people and take your bot beyond the conversation.

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Chat Extensions

Create a version of your bot that people can use in their conversations with friends or colleagues.

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