News Feed Ads That Open Conversations in Messenger

News Feed ads that open conversations in Messenger allow you to reach specific groups of people to interact with your bot. This is a simple, effective, and measurable way to promote your presence on Messenger.


Building an ad to promote your presence on Messenger is easy.

  • Select “Increase Traffic” as your objective when creating an ad using Ads Manager, Power Editor, or Ads API.
  • Determine your ad format (carousel, single video, single image, slideshow)
  • Choose Messenger as your destination. The Messenger icon will be added to the call-to-action button, letting people know that a click or tap will open Messenger.
  • Select any of the existing call-to-action text options, including “Send Message.”
  • Define a customized greeting for people who click or tap on your ad. Create this greeting with message text or a structured message (JSON) to provide users with additional guidance and functionality on how to proceed with the conversation in Messenger.
  • Choose your targeting as you would for any other ad on Facebook.



Customizing Your Welcome Message

A conversation opened in Messenger from an ad greets people with a message that will override your bot’s ‘Get Started’ screen. To create an automated greeting, choose ‘Message Text’ or ‘Structured Message’ (JSON).

  • If you choose ‘Message Text’, people who click or tap on your ad to open a Messenger conversation will get a copy of your ad and message text.
  • If you choose ‘Structured Message’ (JSON), you can send a customized, follow up message to the ad in Messenger.  The ‘Structured Message’ (JSON) can include text, templates, media (images, videos), quick replies, and a call-to- action button.

How to set up a structured message:            

  • After you choose Messenger as the destination for your ad, choose ‘Structured Message’ and add your configured code.
  • Select ‘Send Test Message’ to preview the structured message in Messenger.

Tracking success of your ad:

  • You can review the number of replies and clicks coming from your ad by adding the fields “replies” and “clicks” to your ads report.

    • To attribute a person’s responses in Messenger to the ad itself, leverage the Send/Receive API to attribute a PSID back to the Ad ID
    • Messages: Check for the metadata in a person’s reply sent to your webhook after the person received your ad.  The metadata will contain the Ad ID, so you will easily be able to correspond it to the ad.
    • Postbacks: For postbacks triggered from a structured message (defined with JSON), you have to do the ad attribution manually, by specifying a proper payload for the postback.

If you want to measure conversions related to this ad unit, you should include the Facebook Pixel on your webpage to track the conversion.  Currently, events that occur within a Messenger conversation cannot be individually tracked.  Please note that advertisers will have to track this separately as conversions are not currently included in Facebook reporting.


  • Consider the ideal creative format for meeting your business objective. A click on a photo ad in News Feed will open Messenger, but a click to play a video ad will open the video.
  • Set expectations for how people will experience your bot by choosing an appropriate call-to-action for your ad.
  • Use consistent language. Your ad’s copy should feel similar to the language used in your bot.
  • Design thumb-stopping imagery to capture attention on mobile. 
The creative you use for your ad should reflect insights about your target audience.
  • Build a media strategy optimized to reach your audience using our direct response best practices (
  • Leverage structured messages (JSON) to follow up in a more conversational way. Otherwise, people who click or tap on your ad will receive a copy of your ad as their first message.
  • Don’t over-promise in your ads. Instead, communicate your bot’s value proposition. Share what makes it unique to inspire interest.
  • Don’t mix with CTA Button. Instead, use one call-to-action to encourage click through to your bot.
  • Don’t violate any of the related policies.
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