Messenger Platform Lessons from the Facebook Creative Shop

Facebook Creative Shop is a team of brand marketers, creative directors, and strategists who build ideas to help brands and agencies grow their business on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Over the last six months, we’ve worked with a variety of companies to help flesh out their Messenger Platform strategy and explore creative spaces on this new Platform. This close collaboration has helped surface a few key learnings for brands as they scope out their plans for the Messenger Platform.

1) Spend upfront time to align your Messenger presence with real business outcomes

Inventory where you are today and what your business goals are by answering the following questions:

  • What’s your larger business objective: brand awareness, customer acquisition, customer service, or driving transactions?
  • For brand-focused businesses: what are the key brand metrics that matter to you? What messages are you hoping to get across to people?
  • For CRM-focused businesses: What types of convos are you having? Where can you add value? Where can you remove friction?
  • For transaction-focused businesses: How can you leverage targeting on Facebook to drive actions in Messenger? Who are your most valuable customer segments?
  • What is your presence on Messenger today?
  • Which channels are you leveraging today (i.e. email, phone, text, social media) that may work even better on Messenger?

Then, determine which goals you want to focus on for your bot.

2) Define your core Messenger experience and partner with a developer.

  • After brands determine how the bot fits into their overall strategy, it’s time to develop an RFP to communicate these objectives with potential third-party developers.
  • Based on the specific requirements of your experience and the capabilities of each developer, brands and agencies should select their preferred partner.

3) Work with your developer to refine your focus and build the experience.

  • Determine the set of features you want to leverage (payments, rich bubbles, etc)
  • Develop use case scenarios and user flow schematics.
  • Produce a prototype for testing and refinement.
  • Deploy a working version of the experience.

4) Develop a strategy to drive discovery of your Messenger experience.

  • Leverage Facebook News Feed to run Messenger as a Destination ads to drive traffic to your bot.
  • Include the “” wherever you can share a link to your experience.
  • Consider embedding a “Send Message” button in your website or emails.
  • Utilize your Messenger code on packaging and POS collaterals.
  • Build the Messenger experience into larger campaign initiatives.

Several of the companies we partnered with followed these learnings and saw success on the Platform.

  • Tommy Hilfiger: As part of New York Fashion Week, Tommy Hilfiger worked with developer, to build a Messenger experience that allowed customers to purchase items from a new clothing line, immediately after the show – a fashion first.

“Digital innovation has been at the center of our strategy to democratize the runway, and the TMY.GRL bot on Messenger introduces a new level of accessibility, engagement and personalization for our global audience.  The fantastic teams bringing this to life have created a style of consumer interaction and conversational-commerce that has not happened before. There was no better moment to launch the TMY.GRL bot than at our #TOMMYNOW fashion show – it is truly a moment where fashion, entertainment, pop culture and innovation are merging to create a new commerce model for our industry.”

– Tommy Hilfiger


  • Absolut: To drive product samples, Absolut vodka worked with developer, Gratafy to build a Messenger bot that provides potential customers a unique code they can use to redeem a complimentary drink at their favorite bar and even, get a discounted Lyft ride home in select markets.

“Absolut has always been a pioneer in creating disruptive nightlife experiences, and the partnership between Absolut, Facebook, Gratafy and Lyft to build this Bot is the next iteration of how we do that. The Absolut Bot for Messenger solves a blind spot for us in our e-commerce ecosystem – driving directly from a mobile content experience to product trial in bars. Being able to reach the right consumer at the very start of their night, and to offer them a sample of our products before they even get to the bar is a pretty magical thing”

– Joao Rozario, VP Marketing, Absolut Vodka


  • Humans: To launch the second season of Humans, Channel 4 worked with developer, Pullstring to create an immersive Messenger experience that simulates conversation with a synthetic human through artificial intelligence.

“We wanted the bot to bring to life the key narrative of our hit drama Humans’; the machines are ‘waking up’. The bot had to function not just on a technical level, but as a complex extra layer of storytelling. The bot exceeded our expectations in both aspects. With over 3.8 million messages exchanged, Channel 4 are delighted with the levels of engagement. It has been a much-talked about part of the campaign and helped generate a real buzz around the return of Humans.”

– Laura Ward, Deputy Head of Marketing, Channel 4


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