MEA Bots for Messenger Challenge

Our Middle East and Africa Bot Challenge Narrows Down Finalists

60 Bot Makers from Middle East and Africa Remain in Bots for Messenger Challenge

We’re excited to announce the top 60 bot finalists for the Bots for Messenger Challenge submitted by developers and entrepreneurs across the Middle East and Africa. The Bots for Messenger Challenge was announced on February 15th of this year and in the two and half months, we’ve been thrilled to receive over 1,000 entries! You can see a full list of the top 60 bot finalists here. A special congratulations to the 15 student submissions that made it to the finals.

The top 30 in the Middle East and Africa and the top 30 in sub-Saharan Africa were chosen from across three categories; Productivity and Utility, Social Good, and Games and Entertainment. From each region 30 finalists, 10 from each category, will win a Gear VR and mobile phone, one hour of Facebook mentorship, and FbStart bootstrap prize packages, a Facebook program designed to help early stage mobile startups build and grow their bots with tools and services. Student teams or student individuals will also receive an additional $2,000 USD.

We were incredibly impressed with the bot submissions we received and the commitment to excellence that all the contestants have demonstrated. Some examples include:

From sub-Saharan Africa in the Productivity and Utility category: The Sign Language Dictionary Bot from Kenya.

From the Middle East and North Africa in the Social Good category: Mr. Ink from Egypt is a book consultant bot.

These and other submissions, some by first time bot makers, showed incredible creativity and commitment to building useful, entertaining and socially relevant bots. Finalists will need to resubmit their bots by June 2, 2017 at 11:59:59 GMT in order to qualify to win.

We congratulate all the finalists and wish them luck and thank all of the participants for making the Bots for Messenger Challenge a success!

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