M.me Links

You’ve built a bot, and now it’s time to drive awareness of it. M.me links are a lightweight, easy-to-implement discovery option for your bot.



M.me links are an easy way to drive discovery of your bot to reach the 1 billion people on Messenger.

You can place an m.me link anywhere – website, app, flyer, SMS, email, etc. to help someone find you more easily within Messenger.

Add a tracking parameters to determine where your bot traffic is coming from.

M.me links take people directly to a Messenger thread, optimizing for action.


Add a Reference Parameter

In addition to giving bot developers a way to link to their bot, the Messenger Platform now also supports the passing of an arbitrary parameter via these links.

  • A m.me link with an added parameter looks like this:
  • The value of the ref parameter will be passed to the server via webhook.
  • When an m.me link with a ref parameter opens Messenger to your bot, there are two possible scenarios you should be aware of:

    New Bot Traffic:

      • If you have configured a “Get Started” button for your page, we will deliver the passed ref param as part of the postback event if and when the person actually taps the “Get Started” button. Please note that this is still a postback event with optional field referral.

    Existing Bot Traffic:

    • If the person already has an open conversation with your bot in Messenger, they are not show any “Get Started” screen when the person taps on your m.me link.  Instead, the person will be sent directly to the conversation.
    • In this case, your webhook will immediately receive a messaging_referral event. The webhook must have already subscribed to this event in order to be notified of the referral in this scenario.
    • The messaging_referral webhook event follows this format:


  • Pick your vanity URL name
    • Only admins can change the m.me link.
    • Find the Messenger Link for your page by tapping the settings link from the Facebook Pages Manager app or by clicking on the About section of your Page.
    • Your m.me link is m.me/YourPageName
    • To change your m.me link, click edit on your user name under the About section of your Page.
  • Clearly communicate the value proposition of your bot alongside your m.me link.
    • If your bot delivers daily top stories, consider using a CTA like “get daily top stories delivered directly to Messenger.”
    • If your bot offers a coupon for a free item, consider using a CTA like “get free coupon in Messenger”.
  • Add optional tracking param support
    • Potential uses:
    • Delineate users coming from different promotional channels 
by giving each its own unique identifier (e.g. ref=jaspersmarketnewsletter, ref=jaspersmarketFBad)
    • Pass coupon codes or invite codes (e.g. ref=freeshipping, ref=exclusiveinvite)
    • Direct the person to specific content or features available within your bot based on their last interaction with your business.
  • Make sure to drive discovery of your bot!
    • You invested in developing your presence on Messenger, and discovery is a huge part of finding success on the Messenger Platform.
  • Don’t send people to your Page URL, if your goal is to have them use your bot.
    • This introduces more steps to get people to your bot.
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