Launching Apple Music on Messenger

We’re excited to welcome Apple to the Messenger Platform. Launching globally today, Apple Music and its chat extension will start to be available to the 1.3B people who use Messenger. Apple Music is joining more than 200,000 active bots from over 100,000 developers on the platform who have crafted incredible experiences ranging from enabling commerce to catching up on the latest news and even discovering and listening to your favorite tunes, without ever leaving Messenger.

The Apple Music experience on Messenger is unique in that it allows Apple Music subscribers on iOS to play complete songs, right in the app. Of course it will enable listening and sharing of 30-second sound bites cross-platform (Android and iOS) to non-subscribers. You can even send an emoji to the bot and it will suggest a playlist – try sending 🔥 or even ✨❓🚌 to see what Apple Music bot suggests – and know what’s playing live on Beats 1 and see which shows are coming up next. And if you’re interested in becoming an Apple Music subscriber, you can also easily start your 3 month free trial via a native, seamless flow.

The Apple Music bot for Messenger also makes it easy to share songs with your friends. Using the Apple Music chat extension, people can share songs with a group or in a 1:1 conversation.

We’re really delighted to welcome Apple as a developer for the Messenger Platform and look forward to unlocking even more experiences with them and the entire community. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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