Introducing the Messages Objective for Facebook Ads

Open conversations to connect with your customers

Facebook offers advertisers a number of ad objectives to help businesses achieve their goals such as driving traffic, increasing conversions and raising brand awareness. Today, we’re introducing the messages objective for advertisers who want to open conversations with customers. Businesses of all sizes can use the messages objective in combination with click to Messenger ads to generate leads, answer questions, drive transactions and offer support.

Using this new objective, ads that open conversations in Messenger will now reach people more likely to reply to your business, helping move customers from consideration to action. This means that click to Messenger ads are now more efficient than ever, increasing the value of campaigns that drive traffic to Messenger.

Starting today, some advertisers will see the messages objective in Ads Manager. And over the coming months, we will expand this new objective, making it available for all advertisers around the world.

With over 2 billion messages sent between people and businesses on Messenger each month, the new messages objective offers advertisers the opportunity to build campaigns that take advantage of the power of messaging.[1] When it comes to communicating with a brand, 54.4% of US social media users said they preferred messaging channels, including Messenger, over email, phone and online chat. [2] And this shift in communications behavior towards messaging channels will likely only increase. In fact, 67% of people surveyed through a Facebook-commissioned Nielsen study say they plan to increase their messaging with businesses over the next two years.[3]

The messages objective will also serve as the new home for Facebook’s existing messaging ad products and will make it easy for advertisers to drive conversations at scale. In addition to click to Messenger ads, the messages objective will also allow businesses to reengage in existing conversations using sponsored messages. Businesses can also expect to see sponsored messages incorporated into the messages objective in the coming weeks.

Visit the Advertiser Help Center to learn more about the messages objective.

[1] Facebook internal messaging data, including automated messages, 2017
[2] Messaging App Usage Worldwide: eMarketer’s Updated Forecast, Leaderboard and Behavioral Analysis, July 2017
[3] Facebook Messaging Survey by Nielsen (Facebook-commissioned study of 12,500 people ages 18+ who used a mobile messaging app in the past 30 days across AE, AU, BR, FR, ID, IN, JP, KR, MX, TH, TW, UK, US and VN), March 2016. The study included 1,000 respondents per market except for AE, TW and VN, where the sample size was 500.

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