Building Bots for Messenger – Tips from the Experts: Machaao

Machaao is the creator of Ganglia, an AI sports assistant that wants to make every fan’s experience unique. Delivering personalized live scores via Messenger, Ganglia currently supports cricket, one of the most popular sports in the world, and was the first Messenger bot to understand Hindi.

Machaao recently sat down with us to discuss their bot.


In 100 words or less describe what your bot does.

Ganglia by Machaao is a sports assistant that enables fans to follow their favorite team by receiving personalized notifications in user defined intervals. We launched with cricket and our core features include:

  • Default live score updates on fall of every wicket (crafted for 5 days test match)
  • Live score update on every over (designed for 50 overs ODI match)
  • Live score update on every ball (scripted for 20 overs T20 International)

Fans can further personalize score updates by configuring number of wickets, overs and balls, or by following players, checking the schedule, asking for the squad or getting news.

Who are you trying to reach?

Currently Machaao is trying to reach the 188 million cricket fans on Facebook. Later in 2017, Machaao will extend its service to football and tennis.



How did you go about designing your bot?

Our passion for cricket helped us develop the initial set of features. For the first 10,000 users, the developers scrutinized every conversation to streamline the onboarding process and provide a seamless bot conversation experience.

The AI helped us distinguish between services offered and services needed. It was during our user feedback review session that we realized the potential for extending the bot service in HINDI language and the need for having Squad and Instant Live Score feature.


What have you learned since launching? Any surprises or successes you want to share?

We are just getting started and there is so much to learn. Our biggest learning so far would be accepting the power of conversation, Fb’s Analytics and AdManager are providing data confirming user acceptance in the most remote locations of the Asian subcontinent breaking the myth that bots are for tech-savvy or Metros, and that the future of Bots as Service is inevitable.

The biggest surprise so far was being accepted in FbStart and reaching 100k users in less than 5 months. Mentions in VentureBeat and an article getting published in Yahoo Finance was also special. We are proud of the fact that Ganglia is a multilingual bot.


What are you going to build next?

Conversations in Machaao are currently limited to text. Our vision includes harnessing the potential of rich media and implementing monetization strategies.


Why Messenger?

Facebook’s ecosystem includes Pages and Ad Manager, which gives Messenger an edge over any other chat platform.

This series highlights the successes of businesses and developers who use the Messenger Platform in unique and interesting ways.

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