Building Bots for Messenger – Tips from the Experts: Lingio

We’re kicking off a series highlighting some of the top experiences on the Messenger platform. These businesses and developers have approached Messenger in a unique and interesting way, and are seeing success during the early stages of the Messenger platform. Next up is Lingio, a service dedicated to helping people learn languages.

Lingio - Using the Translate feature

In 100 words or less describe what your bot does.

Lingio Quiz+Translate is a truly fun language learning and translation chat bot. Things you can do with Lingio Quiz+Translate:

  • Play a language learning quiz with more than 2000 fun questions in 10+ languages 
  • Translate between 50+ languages
  • Listen to the translations of 20+ languages
  • View thousands of images for the most common words
  • Use it directly in FB Messenger, no need for any installations 

Who are you trying to reach?

Lingio Quiz+Translate is an easy to use and fun language learning and translation service for all users around the world. 

What’s the killer feature/interaction?

Lingio Quiz+Translate combines language learning and translation features so that you can learn new words in a fun way as well as get instant translations for words and phrases in 50+ languages. 

How did you go about designing your bot?

The Lingio team has for a long time been following the news about chat bots for Messenger and we built early prototypes in order to prepare for the Messenger chat bot platform to launch. Our goal has been to provide a user friendly service that embraces the chat format. 

What have you learned since launching? Any surprises or successes you want to share?

The Lingio team’s most obvious learning is that chat bots is a new concept and it takes time to figure out the best way to present information and user interaction to users. However, as we continuously improve our service it is apparent that the chat bot experience will be natural and intuitive for users. 

If you knew one thing when you started, what would you say that would be?

The Lingio team decided to build our own chat bot experience in advance before the Messenger Platform was accessible for developers. We learned a lot from our prototype and our aim is to use the same approach for future projects. 

What will you build next?

We will continue improving the Lingio Quiz+Translate experience and add even more useful content and features based on user feedback. Our goal is to provide the most fun language learning and translation service in the world. 

Why Messenger?

Messenger has 1 billion active users around the world and therefore it is a genuinely global product and service. We hope that Lingio Quiz+Translate will help these users to bridge language barriers and become one of their favorite chat bots.


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