Building Bots for Messenger – Tips from the Experts: ChatClub

ChatClub is a platform that helps create bots, no coding required. Whether you’re an artist who needs help engaging with fans, a brand looking for a new way to reach your customers, or a business that wants to give people a quick way to browse your products and services, ChatClub can help you distribute content and monetize your bot efforts.


ChatClub recently sat down with us to discuss their Messenger bot:

In 100 words or less describe what your company does.
We are a platform that offers engagement and monetization tools across messaging apps for all kind of companies, brands and celebrities. We help page owners connect with tools like group chat, quizzes, content and push notifications, and more, in a few minutes.

Who are you trying to reach?
Our worldwide audience consists of Page owners who do not have technical expertise and/or time to develop a bot with a lot of different features. We also target developers who want to use their tools on a platform that already has the biggest media groups, sports teams and celebrities in Latin America.

How did you go about designing your bot?
First, we thought about providing bot development to non-tech people. Our main goal is to help Page owners increase engagement and therefore, develop a potential to monetize afterwards. All that in a friendly environment.

Our killer feature is that we are an all-in-one platform with a lot of different and complementary features that you can insert in a single bot. Every week, we try to release new updates made by our team and developers from all over the world.


What have you learned since launching? Any surprises or successes you want to share?
We noticed that there is huge demand from big brands, companies and media groups, who want to be in messaging apps and get to know their audience better. With our expertise, we attracted these businesses and reached a milestone of 1 million people using the bots made on our platform.

From that, we could learn, for example, that people want to have access to exclusive content and possibly tailor-made content. One success is the launch of a music single from Luan Santana (a Brazilian pop singer), which was only made available to people who used his bot.

More success cases were created by building partnerships with:

What are you going to build next?
We are constantly updating our platform with improvements and new features based on market demand and analysis. For our next release, some of the things we are focusing on include helping companies attend to their clients, increase profit and reduce costs with FAQ/SAC and e-commerce features.

Why Messenger?
Because it already has our target customers and its followers. Messenger also provides the support we need when releasing new features that help us achieve our goals.

This series highlights the successes of businesses and developers who use the Messenger Platform in unique and interesting ways.

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