Building Bots for Messenger: Five Tips From The Jordan Brand on Providing Daily Utility Through Messenger

To connect with elite athletes, the Jordan brand went back to its roots and took a page from when the Chicago Bulls became one of the greatest teams in the history of the game. The story of the Bulls in Michael Jordan’s time was partly about training. Jordan and members of the team improved their strength, speed and agility through an early morning program called the Breakfast Club. The Jordan brand decided to bring the Breakfast Club ethos and training program to athletes via Messenger – partnering with Snaps to create a unique messaging experience.

Here are some things we learned along the way that might help you when creating a bot for Messenger.

1. Build Your bot Around a Core Brand Objective

The Jordan Breakfast Club bot was created for elite athletes aiming to take their abilities to the next level, to provide training and performance advice. Inspired by Jordan’s own workout schedule, it was important that these workouts be delivered to athletes at the time when they are available to train to augment performance in their sport.

2. Provide Daily Utility Through Conversational UI

The Breakfast Club bot provides its users with nightly homework at 6:23 pm before each training program to ensure each athlete is prepared with the proper equipment and location for the following routine.

Once morning comes and 6:23 am hits, each user gets a personalized message from Alex, the trainer on the Breakfast Club, who asks you if you’re ready to accept the daily challenge. The user then goes through a daily exercise program, each routine focused on one or more three core areas: strength, speed and reaction.

3. Adding A Human Element

The daily training program includes video content that shows users how to complete each routine. These videos feature Jordan’s head trainer, Alex Moulden. Alex keeps the athletes inspired on a daily basis, and connects with them through motivational content and training recommendations. Alex builds a relationship with each athlete as they move through the training program to ensure that the human element is a powerful part of the experience.

4. Use Personal, Intelligent Messages

Because this training program has a rolling admission, on any given day one user might be on day one, and another on day 30. Snaps built a custom data model to leverage each user’s local time and built single user cohorts independent of the calendar date (simply a user’s progress through the 30 day workout).

5. Ask For Community Feedback

Throughout each workout, users are prompted to provide feedback on how the workout is going, and the brand connected with super users directly. A large majority of users have enjoyed the workout difficulty (more than 80%) and enjoyed the workout experience in Messenger (more than 70%). A very high percentage of users have completed all four weeks of the Jordan Breakfast Club training program (72%). The users of the bot are encouraged to suggest improvements to the experience and shape the future of the community.

Our Building Bots for Messenger series highlights different experiences on the Messenger platform. These businesses and developers have approached building their bots in a unique and interesting way, and are seeing success on the Messenger platform. Look for more bot profiles right here on the Messenger blog.

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