Bots for Messenger: New Success Stories

With 1 billion people using Messenger every month, the Messenger Platform enables businesses and developers to have more personalized and scalable conversations with people.  Since the launch of the Platform in April, over 30,000 bots have launched.  Recent highlights include:


Shopify creates a seamless buying experience for people by letting them discover and buy products right in Messenger from thousands of stores.  With features such as the ‘Message Us’ button and order notifications, people can easily communicate with stores for customer support, product insights, and order status updates.  Today, there are more than 23,000 merchants using Messenger via Shopify and more than 1.5M conversations have taken place between consumers and stores so far.


The Meetic bot gives people the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Lara from Meetic, the first virtual assistant for dating.  Through personalized conversations, Lara facilitates the creation of a Meetic profile and presents singles that best match the search criteria.  During the first month of Meetic’s soft launch, thousands of conversations were started between customers and the Meetic bot.  Registered users were eager to receive potential matches via Messenger (70% of users opted into to receiving weekly profiles) given the conversational way that the content is delivered.


The Hyatt experience on Messenger is designed to connect travelers on their terms, when they want.  With Messenger, customers can chat with Hyatt before, after or during their stay for any customer service requests.  Guests can engage with real people in seconds, 24/7.  Since Hyatt launched on Messenger, monthly inbound Messenger volume has grown 11x.


Nikibot is an AI powered bot designed to simplify the ordering process.  With Nikibot, people in India can hail a cab and pay for bills, without having to leave Messenger. has seen a 10x increase in chat to order conversion on Messenger compared to web.

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