3 New Tags Now Available for Customer Messaging

ADDITIONAL WAYS TO COMMUNICATE WITH CUSTOMERS Earlier this year we announced the release of message […]

Building Bots for Messenger: The PullString Platform

PullString provides an end-to-end solution for creating, testing, and hosting bots. The PullString Platform, which […]

Building Bots for Messenger: Gratafy Powers Absolut’s Cocktail Bot

Absolut vodka worked with developer Gratafy to build a bot for Messenger that provided potential […]

Building Bots for Messenger: Five Tips From The Jordan Brand on Providing Daily Utility Through Messenger

To connect with elite athletes, the Jordan brand went back to its roots and took […]

Building Bots for Messenger: Trivia Blast

Trivia Blast is a conversational trivia game in Messenger with more than 19,000 questions organized […]

Building Bots for Messenger: Chat Leap Helps Businesses Optimize Bots to Acquire Customers

Chat Leap is a one-stop solution used by businesses and marketing professionals to build, deploy, […]

Building Bots for Messenger: AccuWeather Bot for Messenger

AccuWeather, a global leader in weather information and digital media, recently launched its AccuWeather bot […]

Messenger Platform 2.1 Brings New Tools to Enrich Conversations

Since announcing Messenger Platform 2.0 in April of this year, we’ve received great feedback from […]

5 New Tags Now Available for Customer Messaging

Additional Ways to Communicate with Customers Earlier this year, we launched messaging tags to make […]

Messenger ads becoming available to advertisers globally

Messenger is dedicated to building new and creative ways to help businesses and developers connect […]

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